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2016 NVHS Solo & Ensemble 


#204 Festival – Saturday, February 27 @ Waubonsie Valley High School

The solo/ensemble season is an excellent opportunity to grow as a musician. 

The NVHS music faculty encourages students to realize the commitment required to participate in the season.

Below is some important information regarding your involvement.  



General Information


  • It is not necessary for a student to be taking private lessons to participate in solo/ensemble! Students taking private lessons choose and prepare music under the guidance of their private instructor. Those without a private instructor or those wishing to do an ensemble will work with their ensemble director.
  • “What do I do if I want to participate?” Just sign up using the link below! Please be sure to fill out the sign up form completely. If doing an ensemble, please print all the names of individuals in your ensemble. You may also sign up for a piano solo!
  • If a student is performing a solo, and taking private instruction, that student must meet with the ensemble director 2 times: at the beginning of the season by Friday, January 22 and just before the #204 Festival by February 25. If not taking privately, the student must meet with the ensemble director a minimum of 4 times over the course of the season. Each of the four sessions must be sensibly and productively spaced. In both cases, failure to complete the sessions with directors will jeopardize performing at Festival/Contest and eligibility for points toward Performing Arts Awards.
  • Students must take the initiative to schedule, plan, and prepare for their sessions with directors.
  • Students are allowed to participate in 1 or 2 events. Participation in more events requires director’s permission.
  • Students participating in the Solo & Ensemble season MUST ATTEND an Honors recital in the WVHSAuditorium (2590 Ogden Ave., Aurora, IL), 7:00pm Saturday, February 27.




Repertoire and Feedback

  • Appropriateness of literature is a major consideration. Solo/ensemble should be considered a formal recital.
  • A selection shall not exceed 6 minutes
  • Selections must be performed as indicated by the score (e.g. a cappella or with piano)
  • Each soloist and/or ensemble must provide the clinician with an original (not copied) score with measures numbered..
  • Feedback is given under the following categories:

                Tone Quality – resonance, control, clarity, focus, consistency, warmth

                Intonation – accuracy to printed pitches, “in-tune-ness”

                Rhythm – accuracy of note values and rest values

                Technique – physical aspects of singing, control of range, artistry, attacks

                Interpretation/Musicianship – style, phrasing, tempo, dynamics, emotional involvement


Balance/Blend – likeness of qualities, awareness of ensemble.

Other Performance Factors – choice of literature, stage presence, appropriate appearance,

poise, posture, memory.






  • Securing an accompanist is the responsibility of the individual student. Should the student be unable to secure an accompanist, one can be found for you. However, if a faculty member is asked to find an accompanist, the student must adhere to the guidelines and rehearsal times established by your director.
  • If you choose to secure your own accompanist, for scheduling purposes, you must provide us with the name of your accompanist.
  • Neuqua Valley has secured the services of many professional accompanists. If a student requests their director to assign them to one of these accompanists, the fees described below must be paid by Monday, December 14. If you are performing in an ensemble that requires an accompanist, please have the designated captain submit the entire fee on behalf of the ensemble. 
  • ALL checks should be made payable to the MEAC.
  • PLEASE NOTE: If your fees are late, we WILL NOT provide an accompanist.
  • Due to the hiring of the accompanists prior to the Solo & Ensemble season, the accompanist fees are nonrefundable after Friday, January 8.




Accompanists Costs for Vocal Entries



  • For vocal events, an accompanist will cost $45. This cost includes a 15 minute rehearsal about a week before the #204 Festival and performing for the Festival. 



Accompanists Costs for Instrumental Entries


For instrumental events, an accompanist will cost $45.00. This cost includes one 20 minute rehearsal prior to the #204 Festival.



To register for a solo, click here.


To register for an ensemble, click here.  




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