Auditions for the 2020-2021 Neuqua Valley Vocal Jazz Ensembles


Click here for the Audition Music and Information

NVHS Main Campus Choir Room

3:45-6:30P.M. ~ Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Auditionees need to be present for the entire duration of the audition (3:45p-6:30p)

(Students are encouraged to attend the NVHS Drama Rally is slated to begin at 2:45 and then attend the WildScats auditions.)

(All students auditioning must be a member of a 2020-21 Neuqua Valley curricular music ensemble.)


Call-backs: NVHS Main Campus Choir Room ~ Friday, August 28, 2020

Students called-back will be assigned an individual 5-minute time slot between 2:30pm-5:00pm



Help Sessions:


3:15-4:00P.M. – Thurs., August 20 @ Birkett Freshman Campus Choir Room

6:30-7:10A.M. – Fri., August 21  @ Main Campus Choir Room Room

3:15-4:00P.M.  – Mon., August 24  @ Main Campus Choir Room Room


The Help Sessions are designed to provide interested students the opportunity to learn the material that will be used in the audition.  It is possible to audition without attending the sessions but the likelihood of success is greatly enhanced through your attendance at them. You are welcome to attend as many of the three as you like.  Attendance is not required. Attendance is not recorded.


Audition & Call Back Requirements:


During the initial August 25th audition, students will be asked to sing their part on the audition excerpts from Fly Me to the Moon along with other auditionees in small groups.  Students need to be prepared on the entire excerpt.


The individual five-minute scheduled call-backs on August 28th will consist of four elements:


1) Sing the entire original audition excerpt from Fly Me to the Moon, a cappella (no accompaniment)

2) Sing the Call-Back etude with accompaniment recording

3) Sing the Blues & Chromatic Scales, ascending and descending, a cappella (Starting pitches: Sop/Ten – Eb, Alto/Bass – C)

4) Sing a sight-singing example with swing rhythms. 


Copies of the printed audition music and audio help files are found below. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact:


Mr. Rimington


20-21 WildScats Audition Music & Audio Files: 

Click here for the Audition Music and Information

Audition Excerpt: Fly Me to the Moon - Help MP3 Audio Files:

Accompaniment Only (looped 4 times) – (this will be the track used in the actual audition)

Accompaniment Only (played 1 time)

Soprano with Accompaniment

Soprano Only

Alto with Accompaniment

Alto Only

Tenor with Accompaniment

Tenor Only

Bass with Accompaniment

Bass Only

All Parts with Accompaniment

All Parts Only

Call-Back Etude - Help MP3 Audio Files:

Etude ~ Accompaniment Only (this will be the track used in the call-back)

Etude ~ Soprano with Accompaniment

Etude ~ Soprano Only

Etude ~ Alto with Accompaniment

Etude ~ Alto Only

Etude ~ Tenor with Accompaniment

Etude ~ Tenor Only

Etude ~ Bass with Accompaniment

Etude ~ Bass Only

Etude ~ All Parts with Accompaniment

Etude ~ All Parts Only

Call-Back Scales - Help MP3 Audio Files:

E-Flat Blues Scale (Sop/Tenor)

C Blues Scale (Alto/Bass)

E-Flat Chromatic Scale (Sop/Tenor)

C Chromatic Scale (Alto/Bass)