Happening Now:

25th Annual
Crystal Concert

Tickets are available by following these steps:

(Live stream on Friday night: www.neuquatv.org)

Visit this link by clicking or typing: https://nvcrystal2021.bpt.me/

  • Wheelchair seating is very limited, so e-mail Jonathan_Lauff@ipsd.org if a wheelchair space is needed. Currently, the wheelchair capacity for Friday at 6:00pm is full, so please request a different concert.

  • Under the Date Heading, make sure your desired concert is selected

  • Select the number of tickets you want to request, then Click on Add To Cart

  • Under the seating chart, Click on “Let Me Choose My Seats”

  • Click on the seats you want to reserve. (The large Black Box above the seating chart is the Stage)

  • Click on Save Seats (under the seating chart) The system will not let you continue if there is a difference between the number of seats you requested and the number of seats you have selected.

  • Click on “Next” (under the seating chart)

  • Click on the Orange “Check Out Now!” box

  • Make sure the Buyer Details information is correct, then check the white box, and click on Complete Order

  • You should now see an Order confirmation page. Click on the orange “Print Tickets” button to the right (Bring your tickets to the concert)

  • You should also receive an e-mail with the ticket link. If you find that you know longer need the tickets, you can either print them and turn them in to a music teacher, or you can cancel the tickets by clicking on Cancel this Order on the confirmation page


Contact Jonathan_Lauff@ipsd.org with questions


Our Philosophy:

Young people should have an education that gives them the opportunity for a wide variety of learning experiences. Music provides a unique avenue to the imaginative and affective aspects of life and their contribution to our cultural heritage. Young people play, sing, move, compose, and listen to music through participation in the music program.


Music is one of the most effective ways to hone 21st Century skills (Communication, Creativity, Collaboration and Critical Thinking). Brain research reveals that making music engages almost 90% of brain capacity. There is no comparable activity that a child can engage in that activates nearly the entire cerebral cortex. Rehearsing and performing music gives students the competitive edge.

National Core Arts Standards for Music Education

Awards and Recognitions:

  • 2013 and 2005 NATIONAL GRAMMY SIGNATURE SCHOOL:  Since our school's opening in 1997, we have received 7 GRAMMY Gold awards for excellence in music education, and grants totalling over $60,000.

  • 2011 GRAMMY GOLD SIGNATURE SCHOOL: Awarded by the Grammy Foundation for Exceptional Achievement in Music Education

  • 2009-2010 KENNEDY CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS:  National School of Distinction Award for Outstanding Achievement in Fine Arts Educatiion

  • 2010 SUDLER FLAG OF HONOR RECIPIENT:  An International Award Recognizing High School Concert Bands of Musical Excellence, Administered by the John Philip Sousa Administration