ILMEA Audition Information
2021-22 School Year

Auditions for the ILMEA District 9 Orchestra and All-State will be "virtual" again this year via video submissions.
Pre-screening auditions will take place in mid-September. Schedule with your director.
Videos will be due Monday, October 4.
The ILMEA District 9 Festival takes place on Saturday, November 13 at Dundee Crown High School in Carpentersville.
The Illinois Music Education Conference (All-State) takes place January 26-29, 2021 in Peoria, Illinois.
The audition consists of the following THREE components:

1) Scales - Click to open the scale sheet, scroll to find your instrument. Read instructions at bottom of the page.

2) ILMEA State Required Excerpt - Click to open the excerpts, scroll to find your instrument

3) ILMEA District 9 Required Excerpt - Download the complete part(s) for your instrument to Russlan and Ludmilla.. 

IMPORTANT: Violinists must prepare both the 1st AND 2nd violin parts. Violin audition excerpts will be released in early September. All instrument audition excerpts will be released shortly before the audition date.

Preparing for ILMEA Auditions and being informed about the process is fully the responsibility of the student. Study the music intensely, noticing all tempo, articulation, and dynamic markings. Listen to many recordings. Most of all, do NOT wait to start preparing for your audition!

Complete information from ILMEA is found at the following links: