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Pit Orchestra

Information on auditions and rehearsal for the Neuqua Musical Theater Orchestra (i.e. "The Pit")

Auditions for "Guys and Dolls" are scheduled for February 7th. Sign-up will be available in January. Acceptance is based on audition and director recommendation. When auditioning, you must commit to the rehearsal and performance calendar.

Tentative Pit Schedule 2024

Sign-up Here to Audition (By Feb. 1st)

Please read this letter outlining the pit experience for this year. 

Audition Materials

Download and prepare the indicated excerpt for your instrument. Use the "Original Broadway Cast Recordings" on You Tube as a guide for style, tempo, etc. 

Guys and Dolls Audition Excerpts - All Instruments

Sign up for an audition time by Feb. 1st. You will be assigned an audition time by Feb. 5th. 

Questions? Contact Mr. Pfeil at or in the Orchestra Office.

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