Neuqua Valley Chamber Singers


2020-2021 Chamber Singers Auditions

Audition Form and 3 Flipgrid Videos

due by 9pm, Tuesday, September 15th 

  • Chamber Singers is an auditioned vocal group open to all sopranos/altos enrolled in a curricular music ensemble class at NVHS. 

  • Chamber Singers will rehearse on Wednesday evenings from 5:15p.m.–7:00 p.m. in the choir room at BFC.  However, the ensemble will begin this year REMOTELY during this time slot until we are permitted to meet in person.

  • Chamber Singers performs at curricular choir concerts as well as throughout the community. Past ensembles have attended various festivals and performances as opportunities have become available.

  • The 2020-2021 Chamber Singers Auditions will be held virtually this year.  Students will submit an audition information form and 3 Flipgrid videos to complete the process. Students do not have to do them all at once, but are welcome space them out to give yourself time to complete them!  They must all be completed and submitted no later than 9pm on Tuesday, September 15th, but again, one may begin turning them in at any time. Please see the links and instructions below for the 4 components:

1. Please complete the Google Audition information form.

2. Flipgrid Video #1: Psalm 100 - Code: d99786db

Students are asked to sing an excerpt of Psalm 100 by Clausen.  Students will sing with the accompaniment track for the video. Students should print the music and work with the practice recordings found at the bottom on this page. Students should audition on the part that they normally sing in class, or that part which best represents their voice. Students are not allowed to audition on more than one part (Soprano I, Soprano II, or Alto).  Use the individual voice part tracks to learn your part, and then practice several times with the accompaniment track before making your recording.  (Once again, you must use the accompaniment track when you make your Flipgrid video.)

​3. Flipgrid #2: Scales - Code: 84a118e5

Students are required to sing a major scale and a natural minor scale as part of the audition.  This is to be performed acapella without any accompaniment or practice track. Students should give themselves a starting pitch for each scale before beginning.  Use an F for the Major Scale and D for the natural minor scale.  If you need help reviewing these scales, just Google them. You will find sites that review them for you, or please do not hesitate to reach out to Mrs. Kasprzak for assistance.

​4. Flipgrid #3: Music Reading - Code: 1f4b0a85


Students are to prepare a melody for performance. The link to the notated melody is found in Flipgrid and the direct link is here.  This is not sight reading per se, but an opportunity for the students to study and prepare a few measures of music by themselves. Students must record it without any accompaniment (a cappella) for the Flipgrid video. Students should give themselves the starting pitch before beginning to record - the pitch: G

Audition Help Audio Files & Links

Psalm 100 Help Tracks:

Accompaniment Only (this is the audio file that must be used on Flipgrid video #1)

All Parts Only

Soprano I with Accompaniment 

Soprano I Only

Soprano II with Accompaniment

Soprano II Only

Alto with Accompaniment

Alto Only


Audition Links:

Google Audition Information Form

Flip Grid Video #1: Psalm 100

Printed Music

Accompaniment Track

Flipgrid #2: Scales

Flipgrid #3: Music Reading

Printed Melody