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NVHS Music Department’s

Gift-checkbook Spring Fundraiser  
April 18 – May 9!

It’s back by popular demand! NVHS Music Gift-checkbooks are available from April 18 – May 9 to help you save tons of money at local stores while supporting Neuqua's Music Department!


Full of gift certificate-like discounts that work like cash at local places, you get over $435 worth of value for just $30! And $15 of each $30 purchase goes right back to the Music Department – for a win-win!


Last year, Neuqua families not only bought the Gift-checkbooks for themselves, but also as gifts for teachers, friends, and family! Even if your Music student is graduating, we highly recommend you take a look at this year’s Gift-checkbook for your family, as well as show it to the people you know.


Check out all the great vendors and deals!




This great fundraiser runs Tuesday, April 18 - Tuesday, May 9.

Orders will be fulfilled by May 18, and offers in the book DO NOT EXPIRE until May 31, 2018 – so you have a year to use them!

Give It A Try at No Risk!


Music students received more information in class on April 18. If your student did not bring a Gift-checkbook home and you’d like to see one, you can AT NO RISK. Your student can bring one home, and you can purchase it, sell it, or return it by May 9.

Links to Helpful Information


Detailed presentation with more information


Email content you can use to send to friends and family


An image of the vendors you can share on social media


Additional order forms


Agreement to Sell sheet



Sellers can earn prizes while giving back to the Department – top sellers can win $100 (1st), $75 (2nd), or $50 (3rd)…and for each book sold, the seller’s name will go into a raffle for the Grand Prize of customized Team Beats Headphones! Each group will also raffle off one $25 prize.

If you have questions, please send an email to 

Click the image!

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