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Choir Class of 2008

Class Registration for Freshmen-January and Early February 2024

Students do not audition to be involved in curricular choir during their 9th grade year - just sign up as follows:

Cecillian Singers

All incoming 9th Grade Sopranos & Altos Enroll in:

Cecillian Singers - Course # MUSC1004


Cecillian Singers is the initial choral experience at NVHS for freshman treble voices.  This non-auditioned ensemble lays the strong foundation of vocal techniques and choral repertoire essential to maximize future growth and development.  Emphases are fundamental vocal techniques and the establishment of music literacy (understanding and using music notation).  Music is selected from all periods and styles.  The ensemble also occasionally performs with the Bass Chorus and other curricular choirs.


Bass Chorus

All incoming 9th Grade Basses & Tenors Enroll in:

Bass Chorus - Course # MUSC1005


Bass Chorus is an ensemble for all 9th grade bass and tenor voices.  This non-auditioned ensemble places emphasis upon fundamentals of vocal techniques as they apply to the bass/tenor voice in various stylistic settings.  Through the study of a varied selection of music literature, students enhance their understanding of music notation and other elements of music.  Bass Chorus performs not only as their own entity but also in combination with Cecillian Singers and other curricular choirs.

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