Choir Parents Assocation

The Neuqua Valley Choral Parents Association (CPA) is an autonomous entity of the Neuqua Valley High School Music Education Advocates Coalition of Indian Prairie School District 204 (MEAC).   All parents of choral students are automatically members of the CPA. MEAC and CPA are committed:


  1. To enhance music learning for all members of the Neuqua Valley High School community through collaboration with the goals and objectives of the NVHS music faculty.

  2. To assist the Neuqua Valley High School music faculty with the organization and administration of curricular and co-curricular music programs and events.

  3. To provide resources, financial and otherwise, to support, facilitate, and/or enhance the implementation and/or operation of curricular and co-curricular music activities as recommended and approved by the NVHS music faculty and supported by the Executive Boards and General Membership of the respective Associations.

  4. To promote communication, understanding, collaboration, and involvement amongst music students, parents/guardians, alumni, community members, and faculty connected with the Neuqua Valley Music Department, and/or within the Neuqua Valley High School community.

  5. To maintain a historical record of the activities, programs, achievements, student musicians, and faculty of the Neuqua Valley High School Music Department.

  6. To promote and enhance through various media local community interest in music education and the Neuqua Valley High School Music Department concerts and activities.

  7. To cooperate with the Neuqua Valley High School administration and the Indian Prairie District 204 Board of Education.

This CPA, led by elected officers and appointed committee chairs, provides invaluable support to the entire choral department.  CPA will have two primary meetings for the entire NVHS Parent community, once near the beginning of each semester:

Tuesday, September 12 - 7pm, NVHS Auditorium

Wednesday, February 20 - 7pm, NVHS Choir Room (A118)

The 2018-2019 CPA Executive Board and Committee members are listed below.  There are vacancies for some committees. Please let us know how you can help. Each parent is expected to volunteer 2 hours this year.


Thank you, in advance, to the marvelous parents who provide invaluable help throughout the year!



Kathie O’Connor



Vice President:

David Fox




Tina Dufkis



Janet Juarez







Janet Juarez




Dori Eldridge



Choir Robes:

Karen Young



Crystal Concert Volunteers:

Kathie O’Connor



Masterworks Concert Volunteers:

Kathie O’Connor



8th Grade Night:

Dana Kemp



Swing Dance:

Chrissy Lelek



Choir BBQ:

David Fox




Dana Kemp



Display Case:

Raje Garapati



Middle School Honors Concert Reception:

Kristie Siuciak