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NVHS Choir Tours

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Every 3 years, all current students and families of the curricular choirs in the NVHS Choral Department are eligible to pursue a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel and perform internationally. Show below are the countries in which the choirs have previously visited and performed, and we look forward to the next tour to incredible desinations, likely occuring the summer of 2024! Music is a cultural universal, and NVHS feels it is an powerful and almost essential component of a comprehensive music education to provide opportunities for students to experience the music of other cultures first-hand and in return, benevolently share our music with others around the world. These trips not only provide opportunites for students to experience iconic destinations and landmarks around the world, but quite possibly even more powerful, to sing at those destinations and make a memorable, joy-filled impact on others with our music, cutting through language and cultural barriers and creating a connection that will never be forgotten. These trips are often one of the most significant, unforgettable memories of students' high school experience!
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