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Would you like to join the Marching Wildcats family even if you don't play a marching band instrument?  Help us create the visual interpretation of the music by joining the color guard.  No experience is necessary.  We will train you to dance and spin equipment including flags, rifles (fake) and sabres (also fake).  Color Guard is a section of the marching band.  There is not a separate registration for Guard. Please complete the Marching Band registration to get involved. When it asks for your instrument please select color guard.

Please visit the Marching Band Page for a full schedule of updated rehearsals and events.  All activities listed as marching band or "E" or "FC" include the color guard. 

For more information regarding the Color Guard please contact

Marching Band is an after school, fall activity.  Rehearsals are after school most days.  If you are interested in doing a fall sport it will conflict, in which case, you will need to choose the one you are most passionate about.  Most rehearsals are outside on a football field. While we work hard at putting together a quality production, we have a lot of fun presenting our program at many community events which include the much loved football games, parades, and festivals.

Video Resources

The following are links to videos provided by other sources that are helpful in learning basic technique.  Please note that there are many different techniques which vary according to the program.  Please note that our technique will be very similar to these videos, but there may be some slight differences especially when concerning hand placement.  Regardless these are a great reference for good practice habits.

Flag Basics

Most of these exercises are demonstrated on the right side.  Please be sure to work from the left side as well.

Drop Spins

(Speed spins not Peggy spins)

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