Curricular Choirs

Bass Chorus:

A non-auditioned bass and tenor ensemble that perform a variety of literature alone and mixed with other curricular ensembles. Bass Chorus meets period 6* (lunch 7) at the Birkett Freshman Campus (10th-12th grade students shuttle daily for class). The ensemble is conducted by Mr. Rimington.

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Cecillian Singers:

A non-auditioned freshman treble ensemble that performs primarily two and three part literature. Cecillian Singers meet periods 7 or 8 (two equal sections) and is conducted by Mrs. Kasprzak.

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Treble Choir:

An auditioned treble ensemble studying and performing advanced, primarily three and four part, treble literature.  Treble Choir meet periods 1 or 2 (two equal sections) and is conducted by Mrs. Kasprzak & Mr. Rimington.

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Varsity Singers:

An auditioned mixed voices ensemble performing advanced, four-to-eight part, mixed literature. This ensemble has two sections, Varsity Chamber (I) and  Varsity II, which rehearse and perform independently and combined. Varsity I meets period 4* (lunch 3), Varsity II meet period 3* (lunch 4), and both ensembles will work with Mrs. Kasprzak and Mr. Rimington.  Both Varsity ensembles work regularly during their respective lunch/option periods.  The specific schedule will be provided in class.  This is an expectation of the class.

* Lunches for these choirs are scheduled to allow rehearsals with other ensemble

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Curricular Choir Placement:

Placement in auditioned curricular choirs is based upon a voice hearing consisting of the student performing the National Anthem unaccompanied, a sight-singing excerpt, scales, triads, and a prepared selection provided by the director. Strategies and opportunities to rehearse these performance activities will be provided in class as well as on the music department website.  A portion of this voice hearing and assessment takes place during the school day towards the beginning of 2nd semester.  This portion consists of student performance of the National Anthem and sight-singing and the results are calculated as a part of their 3rd Quarter grade.  The second portion of the auditions consists of performing scales, triads, and a prepared selection of repertoire.  The auditions for the following year's ensembles are typically slated in a January/February window. Results from the 3rd Quarter voice hearing and the auditions during that window are combined to determine placement in a curricular ensemble for the following school year.