Music In College

The Neuqua Valley Music Department is dedicated to inspiring and equipping students to be lifelong musicians. This does not mean that its curricula, ensembles, and faculty solely strive to create future music majors and career musicians, but rather students who simply can’t imagine not making music a part of their lives beyond high school in some regard. As reported in surveys and polls, while the number of NVHS graduates pursuing music as their specialized collegiate major is remarkable, but even more impressive is that a majority of NVHS Music graduates stay involved in some regard in music at the collegiate level even though they are pursuing a career path in an area outside of music.

NVHS graduates and their supporting families know that music that gives them the opportunity for a wide variety of learning experiences. Music provides a unique avenue to the imaginative and affective aspects of life and their contribution to our cultural heritage. They know that their continued music involvement is one of the most effective ways to hone 21st Century skills (Communication, Creativity, Collaboration and Critical Thinking). Simply put, they know there is no comparable activity in which they can engage that elicits the competitive edge needing in whatever career path they choose.


Therefore, the NVHS Music Department is dedicated to providing students and their families with the information and strategies necessary to stay involved in music at the collegiate level. First, we encourage student and their families to contact, make appointments, and tap the NVHS Music faculty of their knowledge, experiences, and recommendations for students’ future music involvement. Students and families should not navigate the processes and decisions alone, and please know the NVHS Music Faculty have a remarkable and current understanding of the myriad of opportunities and considerations regarding collegiate music study and involvement.


In particular, NVHS Music faculty can assist with any and all of the following questions and topics, in addition to much more:


-- I’m not planning to major in music, but wish to keep singing and/or playing my instrument in college. What opportunities will there be for me?

-- Differences between small school, large schools, college, university, and conservatory music experiences

-- Music Careers and the types of degrees required

-- Planning a college visit which includes investigating music opportunities

-- Differences between various types of music degrees and majors

-- Possibilities of double majoring in music and another area

-- The College Audition Process

-- Which school is the “best fit” for me as I pursue studying music

-- Recommendation Letters

-- Music Scholarships

-- Much, much more!


Please contact a NVHS faculty member for your appointment today! We’re here to help!

College Night for Musicians

Thursday, September 19th, 2019 - 7pm

Main Campus Band Room (A116)

The annual College Night for Musicians is an evening presentation dedicated to presenting and assisting students and families with pursuing collegiate music study and/or involvement. Linked below are the documents that are distributed and covered in the meeting.  Please do not hesitate to contact an NVHS Music Faculty member with questions or needed assistance.

1) Types of Music Careers and Majors/Degrees

2) Coursework Typically Required of Various Music Majors

3) Finding the Best College

4) College Night for Musicians Presentation

NVHS Class of 2018 Exit Survey Data

In May 2018, graduating seniors of the NVHS Music Department were provided an exit survey inquiring about their college and major choices as well as accepted scholarships. 147 students responded, revealing the following information:

College Choice

-- 65 different universities, colleges, or organizations were represented by the survey responses.

-- Nearly every Big 10 school is represented including other highly selective schools such as: United States Merchant Marine Academy, Princeton University, University of Chicago, New York University, Case Western Reserve, Cleveland Institute of Music, and Berklee College of Music.

-- Most popular college choice: University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (14%)

Choice of Major

-- Over 60 different majors were represented by the survey responses.

-- Most popular majors: 1. Engineering (16%); 2. Undecided (9%); 3. Music (Performance, Education, Therapy) (9%)


Accepted Scholarships

-- Total accepted in scholarship money from the survey responders: $4.1M

-- Average scholarship money accepted by responders was $34,700

-- 41% of the responders received scholarship rewards of $20,000 or greater

-- 32% of the responders received scholarship rewards of $50,000 or greater

Click here for the complete report.