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The NVHS Music Theory Program

Current NVHS AP Music Theory Links

What is “Music Theory”?


Music Theory is the study of the characteristics of music. It is the study of why a piece of music sounds the way that it does. In this study, one discovers how sounds are put together, why they sound the way they do when combined differently, and how those combinations can be carefully manipulated. As the study of Music Theory introduces one to the elements of music, you discover that music has many hidden qualities, ultimately inspiring and elevating your capabilities as a performer, listener, and composer!


Why Study “Music Theory”?


The purpose of Music Theory is to make students fully aware of the factors that govern their interpretation and creativity as a performer, listener, and composer. The study of Music Theory deepen one's awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the musical elements, going well beyond that which is addressed in traditional ensemble music classes and private instruction. Whatever musical background students come from, music theory can be intriguing and inspiring. By knowing how elements of music interact to create musical style and effect, students truly become musicians, and will be better able to bring a piece of music to life and communicate its essence to others.


What is Neuqua’s Music Theory Program?


The fundamental goal of Neuqua’s Music Theory program is instill the ability to distinguish, describe, comprehend, and employ Music Theory concepts and processes. The achievement of this goal is employed through integrated experiences in reading, listening, performing, analyzing, and composing music. Musical concepts are addressed through a wide variety of contexts, including traditional historical repertoire, contemporary, jazz, popular, and the music of nonwestern cultures.


Learn with Music Technology!


Neuqua's Music Theory Program is committed to using the exciting tools of current music technology! The classroom courses in the Music Theory program are taught in our school's unique Music Technology Lab (The MIDI Lab) where students learn to use personal music keyboard & computer workstations to:  

- develop "Aural Skills" (the ability to listen for Music Theory elements

- notate, publish, and share original musical arrangements and compositions

- create multi-track recordings and develop automated accompaniments

Neuqua Valley's program also provides students with experiences in the exciting world of online learning and leveraging online resources such as: Soundation, Soundtrap, Noteflight, and much more!

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