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Private Lessons

Private lessons are strongly encouraged to help reinforce and develop great musical habits and musicianship. Private lessons will be offered after school at times to be determined between a the student and the director approved private lesson teacher. The private lesson teachers are professional musicians and top quality instructors. They deserve the utmost respect. Each private lesson teacher establishes their own policy similar to the following: Unless extreme circumstances occur, students will pay for any missed lessons. Given at least 24 hours notice, lessons will be rescheduled at the private teacher's convenience. In order to avoid missing a lesson, students are encouraged to contact their private teacher early for names and telephone numbers so students may temporarily trade times when necessary.


Download a current list of NVHS approved Private Teachers here


Students in the Wind Ensemble and Chamber Strings have the opportunity to become Guided Practice Teachers for beginning and middle school students. High School students wishing to become Guided Practice teachers must participate in training sessions given by the Department Chair, Mr. Lauff. Since nearly all Guided Practice Teachers studied with Guided Practice Teachers when they were younger, current GPTs have a great understanding of how to help young students. If there is a demonstrated need, select seniors in Wind Symphony and Chamber Orchestra may be asked to participate in the Guided Practice program. Contact with any questions about the GPT program or training.


Download a list of  Guided Practice Teachers here.



If you are looking for a piano teacher, please check the Naperville Illinois State Music Teachers Association -

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