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Solo & Ensemble 2019

IPSD 204 Festival – Saturday, February 23 @ Waubonsie Valley High School


The solo/ensemble season is an excellent opportunity to grow as a musician, especially for students wishing to advance their individual musicianship skills.  The entire season is based on preparing for a performance on Saturday, Feb 23 at Waubonsie Valley High School. Participation in the season requires an understanding and commitment to the process set forth by the NV Music Staff.


Successful participation in the Solo and Ensemble season results in an increased level of musicianship, a deeper appreciation and respect for your peers (and they for you), and 3 points towards the Performing Arts Award.


Need-to-know dates:

  • Fri. Nov. 30: Information presented in class, and registration opens at

  • Friday. Dec. 14: Registration closes

  • Friday. Dec. 14: Accompanist payment due (check made out to MEAC)

  • Fri. Jan. 11: Accompanist music due by 3:00pm

  • Dec./Jan./Feb.: Sign up for help sessions with NV staff

  • Sat. Feb. 23: Solo & Ensemble Festival! (Your participation also includes attending the Honors Recital, 7:00 pm WVHS Auditorium)


General Information:

  • All three of the District 204 high schools

  • Your performance time is for one hour-- you will perform and watch/learn from other performances.

  • You may register for a maximum of 2 events. Any more will need special permission from the NV staff.

  • The entire day culminates with the Honors Recital.  Attendance at the recital is required.


Types of events:

  • Solo-- all you

    • Accompanied - your solo was composed with an accompaniment. This type requires you to hire an accompanist. (see information below)

    • Unaccompanied (a capella) - your solo has no accompaniment

    • There is a piano solo room, too.

  • Ensemble-- a group

    • Like instruments or voices (duets, trios, quartets, etc)

    • Common groups (SATB, Treble/Bass Choirs, standard Woodwind/Brass/String Quintets)

    • Please define a team captain to submit the registration/arrange schedules.


Musical selection:

  • Literature selection should reflect a formal recital.

  • Selection should not exceed 6 minutes

  • Selection must be performed as indicated (a capella or with piano)

  • You MUST provide an original piece of music with numbered measures.  Unless borrowing from NV, you will need to purchase your own original copy.


Your next steps:

  1. Talk to your private lesson teacher or NV music teacher to choose literature

  2. Register through the link by Friday, December 14 (Only one person per ensemble should register the ensemble)

  3. Secure an accompanist. Make sure to follow the NV procedures if asking NV to secure an accompanist.

  4. Sign up for help sessions with a director

    • 4 help sessions if not taking private lessons. (Ensembles will do 4 sessions)

    • 2 help sessions if taking private lessons



  • Securing an accompanist is a student responsibility.  Students may secure their own, but the name of the accompanist needs to be entered when registering.  If you do not have access to an accompanist, NV can provide a professional one for you.

  • If requesting NV to assign you to one of our professional accompanists:

    • Securing an accompanist is contingent upon making the payment/music deadlines.

    • Payment is due by Friday, December 14

        • Cost is $45.00 (check made payable to MEAC)

        • This includes a 20-min rehearsal for band/orch students and a 15-min rehearsal for choir students prior to the festival

    • The original or a copy of the accompanist music is due by Friday, January 11, 3:00pm

    • If your ensemble is using an accompanist, please define a team captain to collect the money from the group and submit ONE check for the group.

    • If you are late on the payment, or late with turning in music, we cannot provide you an accompanist.

    • Due to the hiring of the accompanists prior to the Solo & Ensemble season, the accompanist fees are nonrefundable after Friday, January 11.



  • Wait, I stay in the room for the whole hour?! Yes, you’ll learn a ton from the other performances.

  • Do I need to be taking lessons to do S/E? No, anyone can participate.  Lesson teachers will help you choose and prepare your music, but if you do not have one, your director is happy to help you with selection and preparation.

  • Do I really need to stick to the 6 min time limit? Yes, failing to do this may affect room times and Honors Recital eligibility.

  • Does everyone in my ensemble need to register? No, 1 person should register and list the names of the entire group.

  • My best friends and I make up a flute-viola-soprano-snare drum ensemble.  Can we do S/E? While it’s great to want to create music with your friends, we need to stray from wacky ensembles like this.  Firstly, you will not find much (if any) literature for this assortment of musicians. Secondly, the rooms are instrument-specific, so where would we place you?  Thirdly, you’ll learn a lot by playing quality literature for a standard instrumentation. More questions? See a director!

  • Does my ensemble need to meet with a director? Yes, your ensemble is (probably) not taking group lessons on the piece, so

you should meet with NV staff 4 times.

  • What happens if I don’t do the help sessions?  You will not be eligible for the Honors Recital and you may not be permitted to

perform on the day of the festival.

  • Even if I am not chosen for the Honors Recital, do I have to go? Of course, you will want to be there to support and celebrate your friends  and earn the 3 points towards your Performing Arts Award.

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